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ninotchka : spring wipe out

/ 17/03/12 /
i'm back!
i went to ninotchka for two days.
you'll need to scroll down to see the day one post.
the spring wipe out was really crowded and fun,
i have no idea how could a very lot of people get there :)

the macaroon was sold out just minutes after the opening.

hendy wore my ring and try to pose while eating
btw, hendy and i were born at the same date!
(30 september 1995) that's such a coincidence :D

carbonara... not really good.
maybe cause i'm not a fan of italian food.

hendy looks great here.

me with sonia eryka, sadly my face was terrrrible.
so nyan cat helped me a bit.

anastasia siantar was there too!
i'm sooooo happy to take a picture with her (finally!)
and i talked to her a bit. (about, like,
how she can get a lotta hypes, and that kinda thing, ya know)

nadya with diana rikasari.

my rings! i have ordered more rings and bracellets today :)

meme lol

the crowd looking for cheap items

nadya always wants to pose with everyone!
i'm not gonna let myself to be one of her victims haha

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