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kota tua

/ 06/03/12 /
devi and rica

hey there! two weeks ago i posted a new look and lookbook,
that was the teaser, and this is the complete post.
so, i went to asemka, looking for textile coloring
for my jeans, but failed, because i found nothing there.
i've heard it from mouth to mouth, and they now said it's
in pasar baru. aaargh this made me feel sick.
but i believer it's worth it. maybe i'll go there couple days later.

so, this is the view that we see just as we get out of the shelter.
no doubt, kota shelter is one of the biggest busway shelter.


messing around


lazy bones

the place is actually creepy!
rica were scared when we take some shots here.
then we're heading up to mangga dua,
had some ice cream.

there's not much photos in there.
but now we're in kota tua!
i was starving, so we had some fried rice
before taking photos.




catch ya later

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