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/ 31/01/12 /
hendy, ave, merry.


so, last saturday i went with friends to gandaria city.
it was a PURE fun. we ate and chat a lot!
we use transjakarta as usual,
but unfortunately we stuck at the bus for ten minutes.
and the shelter is too far from the mall, so we use taxi, then.

ave and merry

santi isn't a pose-freak. she don't shoot much of herself.

ave and hendy,

merry and rica, just a few minutes after we get inside the mall.

rica, me, and santi.

eat and eat. honestly, the food wasn't really great at all.
but its a very comfortable place to chat.
the price are expensive to me,though.

avelia and hendy.
(they are friends, but somehow i always
caught them together when we walk.)

aaaah, finally i found a good option!
yong tau fu was one of the cheapest,
because i can choose what food that i want,
and it's really cheap. i ended up with IDR 21.000 bill. ha-ha!

merry - santi - rica - hendy - ave

mineeee!! the black on is seaweed,
its looks so nasty in here, but the taste is great, i guarantee.

gettin' sweaty!

then we went to periplus. this is the reason why we're here.
(just for your info, ave and santi are a real fantasy novel lover!
they have been searching for novels with great discount for like, years)


me! same tee, but new black jeans!
if fitted me so well.

novels they bought

apple rings, always my favorite.

my bag.

scary looking-face, helped by photoshop.

stupid pose.

merry's gettin addicted with hello kitty bracellets.
she collects like ten charms from the supermarket, lol


we love to get lost.

i love this black jeans. look at the texture!


i'm hungry, again. bye. x



/ 27/01/12 /

hey there ! these pictures are from tuesday,
 i went to grand indonesia, plaza indonesia, and ex.
i went by my own and it was fun to travel around malls.

i ate mi ayam.. nyum nyum!

apple rings, then.

so cute!




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