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comeback kid

/ 02/03/12 /
hey there... sorry for lack of post.
i've been sick for about a week ago, it's like, nightmare!
i can't even get up from my bed, which made me feel really sick.
and after then, i got really far away from the internet.
well, i made a comeback today. i'll give ya two more posts really soon!
this is some photos from about two weeks ago.
enjoy! x

some delicious korean noodle!

preview of my next d.i.y! i planned to look for the coloring
for this jeans tomorrow! how about red?
this jeans will be ripped off shorts! can't wait to show you!


meyooong relaxing

my mum made me this hotdog when she was in jakarta!
nice :)

around church.

my second home.

around the transjakarta shelter.

random kid

transjakarta never fail to stress me up.
in the evening, i could ended up stuck in the shelter for hours!

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