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music monday

/ 29/08/11 /

some good tunes for a boring monday.

adam g.

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finally, i have made my post about this blog !
i've been drooling over his stylish clothes, absolutely he is one of my favorite fashionsto. his name is adam g. from poland. you can catch him on his blog or his lookbook. he is in a relationship with zuza, as you may see at the pictures below.

this sneakers inspires me a million ! i have made a studded sneakers like this, maybe i'll post it soon.

with zuza, his girlfriend.

google plus

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"Google+, a social network operated by Google, Inc.,
launched on June 28th, 2011 with integrations
across a number of Google products,including Buzz and Profiles."
One thing that really interest me to use it is the circles. It's almost the same like group in facebook, but i have never thought that grouping friends could be this fun. There's also hangouts, which enable you to chat over with your friends (or people you've just invited). Take a little tour here, guys!

There's also a google song made by breaksoriginals on youtube, wtf lol

apologize for the readers

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i'm really sorry for not updating my blog and left it just like that. i promise from now, at least i will post about 10 blog posts every month. thanks for your patience.

bass down low

/ 04/08/11 /

hey there! it's august, yeah baby!
i love this month becuase there's always plenty of holidays and parties,
well, i hope i can save some money to buy more clothes.
last week, me and my friends went to citraland to watch harry potter: the deathly hallows part 2. it was cool, but i didn't follow the series so i'm a bit confused.






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