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nasty gal x mink pink

/ 29/03/12 /

hyoni kang!

skate skate skate

/ /
i was bored at home,
so i asked rica to go to seven eleven togetha.
but we ended up in sky rink taman anggrek haha

my bf also my photographer, rica.
(liesela in the back also joined us!)

daniel palillo a/w 2012 lookbook : the enterprise

/ /
i really love his work.
unique and youthful!

my week in pictures

/ 28/03/12 /
it's been a lotta rain this week.
i decided to stay at my home.
i get so much absence in school,
since i slept at twelve o'clock.

our cat, meyong, always sleep at my bed.
last time i let the cat threw up at my bed. pheww

hang it 'til dry

here's the pic when i get baptism!
the church is sooo beautiful :D

hmm, just wanna share you some
of my favorite tracks. i'm in love with titanium!

blurred out

i get a gift from my mother's friend.
that's sweet


/ 27/03/12 /
so, last week my mother's best friend just had her wedding!
i was so happy to be there. she looks gorgeous.

with gaby, my sister :)

i took some shoot for michelle but her face
seems really suit this kinda picture. scary isn't it?

the gothic family.

such a lovely place !

becak, traditional vehicle from indonesia

i can't think of a title

/ 25/03/12 /
just got home from the church.
got my baptism, i'm catholic now :)
i have, like, hundreds of pics to share,
but i can't find a device to upload them.
(the flashdisk just got his ass back home
to the owner isabella, after i stole it for weeks)
so i'm gunna share some of my inspiration now.

1. sia
i've known her for months, but i just got addicted
with her voice after i listen to wild ones :D

2. emeli sandé
i really love her voice. and her debut album is definitely
worth to buy or listen (in my case i download them haha)

3. Sleigh Bells
i am (still) addicted with this duo!
alexis krauss's voice is hypnotizing :)
sleigh bells has changed my thoughts about
metal music (like screamo), haha.

and here are some photos that caught my eyes today.

 this is puuurfect.


ninotchka : spring wipe out

/ 17/03/12 /
i'm back!
i went to ninotchka for two days.
you'll need to scroll down to see the day one post.
the spring wipe out was really crowded and fun,
i have no idea how could a very lot of people get there :)

the macaroon was sold out just minutes after the opening.

hendy wore my ring and try to pose while eating
btw, hendy and i were born at the same date!
(30 september 1995) that's such a coincidence :D

carbonara... not really good.
maybe cause i'm not a fan of italian food.

hendy looks great here.

me with sonia eryka, sadly my face was terrrrible.
so nyan cat helped me a bit.

anastasia siantar was there too!
i'm sooooo happy to take a picture with her (finally!)
and i talked to her a bit. (about, like,
how she can get a lotta hypes, and that kinda thing, ya know)

nadya with diana rikasari.

my rings! i have ordered more rings and bracellets today :)

meme lol

the crowd looking for cheap items

nadya always wants to pose with everyone!
i'm not gonna let myself to be one of her victims haha




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