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chart :)

/ 30/09/12 /
 here's my own chart of the month.
what do you think?

birthday boy

/ /
so... happy birthday to me!
i'm finally seventeen.

i'm pretty much excited because now
i am (moreless) an adult. i'm sure a lot of
good stuff is going to happen this year.

t-shirt by guess.
the rest if thrifted. 

 the not-so-bored pose.
how do i look? sorry for lack of posts btw.



/ 04/09/12 /

well, another round.
this is my official chart for september :)


/ 02/09/12 /
 oh yes! that cap is officially my latest crush!
hey there guys :> sorry for lack of posts (as usual)
i should be able to share your few pictures from my last
holiday very soon :) i just need to edit them quickly.
i also made wishlist with that cap :) check it out !




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