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jfw : another round

/ 26/12/12 /

here's the photos left in my drive.

dewi sandra performing

random. out of focus

you may recognize some famous faces here...

my 'i just ate ten sour skittles' face.

thank you to my friends for coming !


/ /

 say hello to my brown hair.
this hair should last for two weeks.
i'm sad. a little bit. the great days of holiday
is now over. i'll be spending the next five days at home,
and i'll be going to yenny's place for new years eve.

uhm, this look is taken behind my church three days ago.
i'm applying another effects.
it goes better with 'defying gravity' theme haha
i usually don't write too much on posts,
but you know, i'm really bored, so at least i can share
some unimportant and pointless things.
GAH i should stop talking :>

this is normal.

well thats not.
here's the song bytheway:


/ 25/12/12 /


well that lotus must be tired of me now.
i shot them a year ago, as you can see the result
is waaaaaay better! but i still love the first picture.


/ /

 uhm it's been a long time since my last post.
i don't know what else to say but sorry guys!
i still have two posts that i should have posted weeks ago,
but due to internet issue i can't post them.
well now here i am.
and i have this brand new 'triangle' tee, which was a gift
from my sister. damn, it looks pretty awesome!
she never gave me nothing but freebies that she got from
some events. i paired them with the matching hat
and my classic old black jeans (the color fades slowly)

uurgh i hate this shot.
but my face looks pretty normal.

as you can see i'm addicted with this effect!
do you like it? you'll see a lot of these pics for the next post.

not-so-illuminati pattern



northern lights

/ 10/11/12 /

me yesterday!

so i matched this old black jeans with this gorgeous
zara tee and some old accesories (i really need to get a new one forsure!)

i bought this badge for 4K :D BADASS

the same old pose.. hahaha
i'm about to post more this evening!

something new

/ /

new hair! yeah i got this semi-mohawk
haircut three days ago. it was pretty
complicated too tell because i don't really
think that the result is just as i imagine.
but hell yeah, it's awesome.

stay tuned because i will be updating a lot tomorrow!

jakarta fashion week : the shows

/ 08/11/12 /
 Kle 2012/2013 collection on fashion atrium

 the models appeared from hidden stairs behind the stage

it was a very entertaining show :)

 recognize the face. i'm such a very lucky guy to be there!

 photos from grazia award


 then we have ROUGE : a collection by dimas beck and faisal shah

 the famous kelly tandiono was there too!

 luna maya from lm for hardware teamed up with ahmad dhani and mulan jameela

jakarta fashion week day two : random

/ /
 major minor on young designers exhibiton

 details from jeffry tan's collection


 mulan jameela

 it was actually raining! it caused few shows cancelled that day.

kimmy jayanti

 batik belanda exhibiton

 that rooster pattern!

me :>

time is running out...
will be posting two more posts from day two asap!




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