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more preview

/ 25/08/12 /
the title says all.

and here's my review of next month :D


/ /
hey there, this is a preview of wall magazine that i'm working with.
the full issue should be able to upload very soon.
i'm currently waiting for photos of last week to arrive in my hands
so i can lightroom them for awhile. my holiday is almost over,
this holiday i saved a lot of money :D i have new items in, too!
curious? stay tuned!

last two weeks

/ 17/08/12 /
hey there! right now i'm sitting in my friend's house
and now it's 4:21 AM! i woke up earlier cause today
i can't sleep very well, hope he doesn't recognize
that i steal his notebook, haha.
these are pictures from last two weeks.
finally i can post them here :D
details on every pic. enjoy!

fuckyeah rivets are my buddy !
before and after.. haha luckily
these holiday days the bus has been empty!
tons of ppl went to their hometown outside the city.

old drinks crush.

went out for a celebration party!
with my church friends and teacher.

then, these are pictures of me
and hendy (he has a blog now!) when we
visited the PI to attend the 29 alley bazaar :)

okay, this is normal.
obviously, we did crazy in front of that statue.

'oh it's too slippy' pose. cliche

he confused about what to pose and decided to get wet!

i'm bored, then i changed the background.

levitate! oh this is so... weird.
i wish i could get a better camera,
like, at least, digital slr.

remember when i say 'we did crazy'?
yes, we were!


then we went to seven eleven *norak*

fried rice,  microwaved for 5 minutes.
not as good as it looks.

another crazy poses that we did.

and yeah.. that's it, guys.thanks for watching.
you may see the last picture on lookbook.
right now i'm listening to sebjak - follow me,
and today i'm ready to go to puncak for a week.
yaaaaaay! bye guys

29 alley bazaar

/ 16/08/12 /

sorry for the (super)-late post!
been busy, you know, it's my fifth academic term
in senior high school. i gotta lot of things to do.
this is few pictures back from the 29 alley bazaar which
was held on saturday & sunday. (i forgot the date)

 this shorts is really cute.

 must-have items at reaaally cheap price!

 the bloggers 

 june x julia

 boots from collaboration between june x julia with
indonesian fashion bloggers.

met anastasia siantar there! lucky :>

from today til the next two days i'll be offline
because i'm gonna have my holiday! post soon :)




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