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/ 21/05/12 /

hej hej!
just wanna catch up with ya :)
i have a free time, finally (after few days offline)
it's been very depressing week.
my family have kinda problem with economy stuff,
and i can't have my money which should have given
to me monthly :/ luckily, i could borrow some money
to my best friends, i owe them pretty much.
next week, i'm gonna do lotta exams,
so this post probably stays in the front page
for weeks. sorry for that !
i just gonna learn n learn n learn again,
since i've got a bad score in science! :)
shelley mulshine.
illustrated by me.
original photo here

here's some tracks i currently listening to :


/ 20/05/12 /
my latest addiction. uuurgh marina you're wonderful.


/ 16/05/12 /

heeeeeey there. so... my blog seems dead now.
my last post was over a month ago! well, a lotta things happened,
and i'd like not to tell you what happened.
okay, so this is a photoshoot that i did about 2 weeks ago,
and i'm so happy that my accessories has arrived!
look, how beautiful they are :>

D.I.Y cut out skull tee. i LOVE it. what do you think?

living dead

my latest obsession... marina and the diamonds :D
prima donna, bubblegum bitch and radioactive are my favorite!




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