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i can't think of a title

/ 25/03/12 /
just got home from the church.
got my baptism, i'm catholic now :)
i have, like, hundreds of pics to share,
but i can't find a device to upload them.
(the flashdisk just got his ass back home
to the owner isabella, after i stole it for weeks)
so i'm gunna share some of my inspiration now.

1. sia
i've known her for months, but i just got addicted
with her voice after i listen to wild ones :D

2. emeli sandé
i really love her voice. and her debut album is definitely
worth to buy or listen (in my case i download them haha)

3. Sleigh Bells
i am (still) addicted with this duo!
alexis krauss's voice is hypnotizing :)
sleigh bells has changed my thoughts about
metal music (like screamo), haha.

and here are some photos that caught my eyes today.

 this is puuurfect.


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