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four days

/ 15/04/12 /
just got to the internet cafe after playing the sims 2
for ten hours (yes,non-stop.) i'd like to share
these pics as i promised you before, and i would
like to say sorry for lack of post. sometimes it's
really bringing me down -_- 
okay, i'm done with my chit chat.
last week, i went to citraland to cut my hair.
i have a new haircut now! pics soon :>
these are the pics of the outfit i'm wearing that day.

noticed the spiked sneakers? ;)
by the way, i just got 4 days off the school (yippie!)
because of the final exam for my senior.
and my orders just got rejected, and so i ordered them again,
guess they will arrive next week (i hope!)

p.s : i have a suprise for you tomorrow !


/ 11/04/12 /

hey! as i said before, this is it!
actually this is just one of em.
so, last week i went to central park
(okay, i know, i'm really bored of this mall)
to eat at tokio kitchen.
the food was fine, the price wasn't.
it's a bit too expensive for my pocket !
but here's tha pictures.


okonomiyakeeeey :)

taking some shot in the window :)

sneak peak

/ 10/04/12 /
i'm really really sorry for lack of posts.
i promise ya for lots of posts this week !





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