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brightspot market

/ 16/02/13 /
hey there! it's been a busy week preparing
myself for my final exam this april. things goin real fast, i think.
how was your valentine day? this valentine is just so-so
for me, but i have spent some quality time with my friends,
which i think is better (but tons of chocolate is still my dream valentine haha).

so, i attend the official opening of brightspot market at
grand indonesia. it was only for the bni cardholders and the ones who
received the invitation. i'm one of these lucky kids!
i didn't brought a friend there, even though i have won
three invitations there! (rica was sick that day)

so, please take a look at these pictures.
i hope these photographs describe how crazy and crowded
that night was. last but not least, enjoy!

the big map!

 two for 100.000,-?

cool display of shoes!


brightspot : a curated market of all things cool (and expensive, yes)

 additional picture of the big map



such a delicious ice cream!
bon appetit

 monstore is the coolest, right?

hunting fields

love is in the air!

 some cool stuffs are here, like this table.

 monstore booth is the catchiest!

i also apply the stamp hunt contest.
wish me luck guys, because the prize is
one samsung galaxy camera, which is heaven on earth
for pocket camera lovers (like me). 



 awesome grafitti!


a very cool collection of tees!





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