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my week in pictures

/ 20/06/12 /

1.meyong tried to pose
2.view for the shelter eleven with gaby yesterday
5.steven & johnson played chess
6.nasi goreng merah / red fried rice

hey there! feels so good to post something again,
right now i'm listening to rated r (rihanna's fourth album)
while moving away from mosquitos that tries to bite me!

weekdays // cats

/ 18/06/12 /

i will be in school for the last two weeks,
then i could get my holiday asap.
in this photo : ririn & tia

mugi, agil, almi, umam, johnson

kevin, steven, avelia, ririn, tia

eating meatballs!

yesterday i also took pictures from around the church,

 cats are cute, right?

summer wipeout

/ 16/06/12 /
yesterday, me, rica, and willyel went to ninotchka.
ninotchka currently moved to a bigger place,
but still, the place is too crowded!

 playing cards, as usual.


 was taken at 6pm. ahhh finally the crowds are gone.

 i met anastasia just before she leaves the cafe,
so i'm kinda lucky to have this shot.
unfortunately, i can't talk a lot w/ her
since she's really busy!

power and control

/ /

so here's the latest look.
will be updating the blog tomorrow. i'm really tired.


/ 14/06/12 /
aztec prints is such amazing clothes that i am dying to wear.
been drooling these items since last year.
(click to see the link)

maybe none of you have ever realized
that i love gothic style. i love to wear all black,
simple but striking look with my accessories.

nadia by irene avicari

/ 10/06/12 /

wisnu genu nerd

/ /
so i interviewed wisnu genu last month. yeaah i know
it's been a long time. well, this is the interview!

Tell me a little bit about yourself.
i'm such a attractive person in real, love to sharing and having fun
with friends many ways i eat a lot 'cause i'm addicted
about culinary and a freaky person who cannot handle the fancy clothes.

How did you first get interested in fashion
and why is it important?
when i was young, 2nd grade of junior high school.
but i realized when its important for me when i was in high school
cause people can look good on it ! so we called it fashion/style.

Describe your personal style and its influences/inspiration.
you can described me as Androgynyous quirky rebelicious chic!
the biggest influences for my style is my mood but lot of times
i got the inspiration from street styler around the world.

The first thing you look at in
another person's outfit is:
definitely they jacket and trousers.

A fashion rule you always break:
i don't have an idea to answer this question but maybe i can called its BAG
cause i dont always brings a BAG.

A fashion rule you never break:
fashion rule i never break is HAIR,
my hair its a part of fashion things, right?

What is your next "must have" purchase?
on craving green neon jeans fit on me.

Are there any fashion icons or
famous people whose style you admire?
can i mention more than one? haha i love The Olsen Twin,
and duo fabulous editor Carine Roitfeld and Emmanuelle Alt..
can i mention once more they're is 2NE1 girlband from korea who got swag.

What can't you live without?
maybe my smartphone and the compatible charges lol

Favorite designers and places to shop?
Christophe Decarnin when he still designing for Balmain,
Alexander Wang and the genious KARL Lagerfeld.
i love to shop everywhere i've got the fancy clothes
but mostly i shoped at Topshop, Zara and all Inditex Brand. ;-D

get to know him more:




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