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summer anthem!

/ 26/07/12 /

hey guys! so i made this list of summer anthem of the year
(based on my opinion, haha). there are few songs which was
released in 2011, but not as a single so i want to introduce them
to you. most of them are electronic and dance,
but you may find few of dubstep, r&b, jazz, and pop.
enjoy them and let me know what you think!

new in

/ /

 IDR 6.000

IDR 10.000

i have always craving for accesories. currently obssessed with
rings, braces, and necks. those two are one of best find in the internet!
you may not find those items as cheap as i get :>
you can order them here (indonesia only)


/ 25/07/12 /

today, russy and me took few shots behind our school.
just borrowed hendy's camera, i'll back with more post!
i have new items in :)

i should have done more with this one,
but photoshop lagged for 10 minutes
so i skipped it. 

uses lightroom 3.0 right now :)
old version, but it's still verrryyyy useful!


i will be in 29alley's bazaar on the weekend!
just tell me if you're going :)
there's a art bazaar too on PI, starting from thursday.
that bazaar is the biggest in indonesia. woohoo!


album reviews : august

/ 22/07/12 /

yoo, i'm back. yesterday i made this few pages that later will be used for
my school's wall magazine. i'd like to share one of them to you, due to
playlist of the week which i skipped this week. just got home from church,
and now i'm ready to sleep and back to school again. i'm sorry because the
review is in bahasa indonesia, haha. what do you think of my work?
leave a comment below!
keep cool guys x


/ 17/07/12 /
people told me to stop messing around the internet.
they think that i am only wasting my time and money on it.
well i think browsing and blogging has transformed from
a hobby to important things that i need to satisfy myself with.
i am so inspired of what internet has gave me every single day,
and i'm not just gonna let it stop to that point.
i keep myself believe that this is one of the investations for
a brighter future. well i guess i am such a fuckin internet geek,
but come on, i know where this is going to take me.
i've seen all amazing people in the internet who luckily made
a very success just with basic steps, like blogging.
i am freakin excited to make it true, too.
you know whut? i've known all the formulas of how to be
a successful blogger (especially fashion blogger).
i guess, what's makin me still have only three followers,
six comments, and 16.000 pageviews until now is because of TIME.
i think i just haven't got the right time yet. maybe i'll be a lotta
more focused on this blog after i graduated from school.
i follow this feeling religiously, no matter what my parents
and friends told me. we'll see.


/ 16/07/12 /

i'm currently playing the sims 2 : castaway.
it's old, ikr, but i haven't touch them in the pc for months.
it's kinda fun because it has some goals which is basically easy,
pretty good for wasting time on a boring monday.

playlist of the week

/ 14/07/12 /


here is few tracks that has been brainwashing me for weeks.
hope y'all enjoy them as i do.
just click the image.

kelley ash : model of the month

/ /

she has so many inspirational shots. i just love her.
it took two hours for me to made the collage :D
model of the month will be published monthly. stay tuned for the next post!
for more kelley, you may visit her awesome blog right here.

my week in pictures

/ 06/07/12 /

1.rica @ f(x) giggle fun factory
2. ave eating mie ayam... nyum!
3. delicious meatballs at expensive price (IDR 20.000)
4.random shemale promoting the book
5. santi and ave hunting novels at periplus
6. rica, @ foodhall
7. this is exactly how i spend my holiday.
8 & 9 = meyooong

hey there! sorry for not posting anything for weeks.
well now i just got my twitter back!
i's kinda funny because i wasn't really
like them until i find twitter is informative!
i could get a lot of offers there.
now i am sitting at the internet cafe,
and i'm ready to party at yenny's open house,
then heading to plaza indonesia to attend
blogger party, and the last but not least,
i'm going to party at #theBIGmove @ theGOODSdept.
bye, see yaaaalll. post coming soon.

here's my twitter by the way

and there's some music i currently listening to,
they're totally awesome!!





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