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life in color

/ 12/03/13 /

One Republic - Life In Color

*the look inside tokio kitchen*

Hej hej! finally i have time to post.
How bout my new picture? better eh?

Last week, Chikita, Isabela, Kevin, Fauzi, Rizky, and me
have applied scholarships to ISTB. Right now i was thinking about it.
Before ISTB came to my school,
i was negatively thinking that i won't go to college,
because my parents couldn't pay the money just to
get in there. but this university gave us
such a big, big hope that students with
low scores (like me) could fit in with their unique scholarship.
i'm not the one which is easy to be teased,
but damn, this university brought me some hope.
well, i hope us could get in
with 100% scholarship, hahaha.
19.900,- before tax. (in the end i have to pay 22.800 because service tax also counts!)

We went to Tokio Kitchen actually,
and it's been a year since i came to that place with rizky.

But. wait. the price now is even more expensive.
I was thinkin to buy a sushi, but at the end i get the cheapest pack.

someone ordered sushi.. it's rizky.
she didn't ate really much.
do you think these could satisfy your belly?
me not

isabela ordered this beautiful okonomiyaki,
which she shared with chikita (not me!)
but in the end, it'll always be me who cleaned up
all the plates. haha.

 isabela also ordered takoyaki.
damn. that chinese girl really likes japanese food, eh?

 the situation. it was quite fun,
but no one seems really like to talk when we're eating.

isabela and rizky

ahhh nice, calm and cozy.
i love this place.

 rizky ordered chocolate drink (2).
oh i bet you can imagine how drooling i am. lol

then we went to this..

 these artworks are really beautiful.

my look.
looking around. normal.

 i love this picture. my skin seems too dark,
but hell yeah who cares.

looking around (2)

i almost forget to show you one of my creations.
haha how does it look for you?
now playing : tegan and sara - i was a fool


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