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/ 18/03/13 /
hey guys!
so happy to finally update the blog!
and you must have know about
the one-of-the-happiest-moment-in-2013-probably post.
yes, its grimes! claire-fucking-boucher!
i must say, i'm totally lucky to have the tickets for free.
(i got total three free tickets, now that's awesome.)


this is what pizza e birra gandaria city looks like.
it's nice and cozy.
wait.. grimes won't perform here.

got this free copy of JUICE with the concert ad at the back cover.

nylon booth.
they also give us free cupcakes and magazines (aw, lovely)

okay, enough with this pointless pictures.
round one.
midnight runners.

their music is 80's boogie. it's pretty cool.
i'll listen to it when everybody in my class listen to dangdut.
no. i'm kidding. nobody listen to dangdut in my class (sorry pals).

yes babbbyyyy
so, i met two new friends (yay!)
gufron (right) is my facebook friend back in 2010
when all i'm talking about is gaga.
and he borught his friend named talita.
she's really cute. she's 4 years older than me,
but,yeah, we could still connect (a bit)

c.u.t.s (named one of the best opening band
by grimes herself!)

ami dang !
she is indian who lives in america.
i talked to her a lot, man..
she's really kind! i greet her and she hugged me
like i'm her boyfriend (btw, ami and grimes is really thin!)
we talk about her music, which is a bit of indian and dark-techno or so,
can i just say it 'experimental'?

and yes...
G R I M E S !
i only took two or three pictures of her because
i was  jumping the whole concert haha

group snap.
no, that guy on the right wasn't me.

cute talita.
she looks like natalia kills. anyone agree?

my friend's friend bought her vinyl.
omg another true fan i guess

thank you so much for all people
who is responsible for the concert.
(and thank you for reading my blog, youngbloods!)

catch ya later


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