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my week in pictures

/ 06/07/12 /

1.rica @ f(x) giggle fun factory
2. ave eating mie ayam... nyum!
3. delicious meatballs at expensive price (IDR 20.000)
4.random shemale promoting the book
5. santi and ave hunting novels at periplus
6. rica, @ foodhall
7. this is exactly how i spend my holiday.
8 & 9 = meyooong

hey there! sorry for not posting anything for weeks.
well now i just got my twitter back!
i's kinda funny because i wasn't really
like them until i find twitter is informative!
i could get a lot of offers there.
now i am sitting at the internet cafe,
and i'm ready to party at yenny's open house,
then heading to plaza indonesia to attend
blogger party, and the last but not least,
i'm going to party at #theBIGmove @ theGOODSdept.
bye, see yaaaalll. post coming soon.

here's my twitter by the way

and there's some music i currently listening to,
they're totally awesome!!


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