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/ 17/07/12 /
people told me to stop messing around the internet.
they think that i am only wasting my time and money on it.
well i think browsing and blogging has transformed from
a hobby to important things that i need to satisfy myself with.
i am so inspired of what internet has gave me every single day,
and i'm not just gonna let it stop to that point.
i keep myself believe that this is one of the investations for
a brighter future. well i guess i am such a fuckin internet geek,
but come on, i know where this is going to take me.
i've seen all amazing people in the internet who luckily made
a very success just with basic steps, like blogging.
i am freakin excited to make it true, too.
you know whut? i've known all the formulas of how to be
a successful blogger (especially fashion blogger).
i guess, what's makin me still have only three followers,
six comments, and 16.000 pageviews until now is because of TIME.
i think i just haven't got the right time yet. maybe i'll be a lotta
more focused on this blog after i graduated from school.
i follow this feeling religiously, no matter what my parents
and friends told me. we'll see.

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