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/ 25/12/12 /

 uhm it's been a long time since my last post.
i don't know what else to say but sorry guys!
i still have two posts that i should have posted weeks ago,
but due to internet issue i can't post them.
well now here i am.
and i have this brand new 'triangle' tee, which was a gift
from my sister. damn, it looks pretty awesome!
she never gave me nothing but freebies that she got from
some events. i paired them with the matching hat
and my classic old black jeans (the color fades slowly)

uurgh i hate this shot.
but my face looks pretty normal.

as you can see i'm addicted with this effect!
do you like it? you'll see a lot of these pics for the next post.

not-so-illuminati pattern



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