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back to school

/ 12/01/12 /

hey there !
sorry for lack of post, its been ten days since my last post.
so, the holiday's ovaaa, and i'm back to skool.
idk what to say ..because i missed my friends and exams in school
i dyed my jeans (grey one) for three days, and lets see the result.
..i don't really think i'm doing my best because the color of the jeans are
kinda yellow because of the rusty buttons on it.
and guess what! i received sesame seeds covered in white chocolate!
sweet :D and i want to share you tracks
that stucked in my mind these few days,

white and sweet!

i never get tired of wee faauun laav

soooo.. this is it.


nevada. one of the cheapest price.

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