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christmas post

/ 28/12/11 /
 hey everyone !
sorry for a very late christmas post. been busy these three days.
so, this christmas i went to my mother's friend' home.
(or my mother's friend's home? idk how to say it haha)
then we celebrate it, made some delicious dinner,
then have a very great bbq. (don't get me wrong,
i don't do this thing every christmas. this year is the lucky one!)
soooooo just skip this boring post to see pictures. x

 yenny and her daughter michelle.

 in da kitchen.

 gaby asked michelle how to sing 'alamat palsu'.


 my beloved and only sneakers.

 a very happy family. they just married in 24th december !

 dinnaaaaa nyum nyum

 5L gigantic rootbeer. served.


 pork satay. delicioso!

 bbq, then.

 michelle !

we had so much joy!

old wine.

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